Our Brothers

We are committed to a brotherhood consisting of men of different temperaments, talents, and convictions, and believe in fairness, decency, and good manners.  The Members of our Brotherhood is representative of those values:

Sigma Chi brothers are diverse in their backgrounds, interests, and involvement on campus. No matter what they do, Sigma Chis thrive on campus.

Brothers partake in:

Arts groups like Off-Off Campus, the University Orchestra, MODA, and MAYA Dance Troupe.

Varsity Sports like Baseball, Cross Country, Wrestling, Track & Field, and Basketball.

Politics organizations like Student Government, the IOP, Model United Nations, Parliamentary Debate, MUNUC,

Business Groups like Eckhardt Consulting, the Blue Chips, and Midway Ventures.

Cultural Groups like Hillel and SASA.

Service Groups like Neighborhood Schools.