What We Do

As a campus organization, Sigma Chi hosts one of the school’s largest philanthropy events–Derby Days–each year to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  We perform community service regularly and partner with a variety of RSOs and other Greek organizations to accomplish great things.  We uniquely strive to host events that help integrate Greek and non-Greek members on campus, and endeavor to retain a welcoming and inclusive attitude as an organization and as a group of men.

As a brotherhood, we are much more: we never cease to help each other learn, grow, and reflect the values of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  We constantly mentor each other and pass on our own skills and abilities to our brothers.  We challenge each other to live up to the standards of the fraternity, and are in a perpetual search for similarly principled individuals to recruit and help us continue to build the organization of which we’re so proud.  From study groups to cook-outs, from philosophical discussions to exploring Chicago, the Omicron Omicron chapter offers the strongest brotherhood of any fraternity at the University of Chicago.